Tomas Dusek (en)

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Tomas Dusek (en)

18.12.1967 Prague

Tomas Dusek Portrait

Distinct representative of Czech SF literature. Almost did not make it through his primary education because he enjoyed spending his time in libraries rather than classrooms. He devoured anything available in the Sci-Fi genre (at that time, no Fantasy literature was available in the communist Czechoslovakia, except Tolkien). In his eighth (=last) grade, he had over 400 missed hours and he probably made it just because the teachers did not want to bother with him for another year. Tom completed his vocational studies as a locksmith but after the mandatory 3 years apprenticeship in a factory, he quit the practice and never came back. He made a living as a delivery man, dishwasher, waiter, bartender, warehouseman in several companies, hardware store manager, furniture assembler...

After his farst marriage fell apart, he decided to take a leave, open an antiques shop where he could satisfy his love of books. He planned to get broke in half a year and then find a new job. The fate decided otherwise. Thanks to the books, he found his second wife, who is with him almost as long as the antiques. They have 3 children together, Tom has an adult daughter from his first marriage.

He is trying to write books since his age of 14. He never tried to publish and it would stay that way if it weren't for his addiction to computer games. In one game, he created profiles of his tribe members and a question was raised why he does not write books. So he gave the community members the first volume of The Magician. The members liked it and one of the gamers recommended a server where the young authors could publish their short stories. From here it lead to, the biggest Czech e-books shop. They published several of his fantasy works as free-to download and one Sci-fi book as paid; all of these were quite a success.

Later the publishing house approached him and their cooperation still lasts. His five-part fantasy series The Magician was published in printed form, as well as the sci-fi The Third Wave. He wrote some short stories for the fans of both The Magician and The Third Wave and gave them away as free e-books. He is working on several more projects; one of which is a historical fantasy novel The Crossless World (what would the world look like if Jesus was not crucified and succumbed to the temptations of the Devil instead?). As his publisher believes his stories are worth to share worldwide, the Magician is being translated into English. We hope some of the fans of G.R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss or Christopher Paolini might enjoy his works, too.